Nurturing Glass

‘Nurturing Glass’ is a carefully crafted project, part of an ongoing exploration of the topic ‘Safe Space’. A term I have come to define as “A space or state of being in which you can feel safe to be yourself and to heal yourself”. To reach this concept, I introduce small interventions that will aid in doing so.

The study into Safe Space exists of many facets, the loam and stained-glass work, ‘Nurturing Glass’, focuses on the aspect of material, color and light. The intimate work has been developed alongside extensive research and has been attentively crafted with the gentle touch of my own hands, accompanied by the hands of my loved ones. With the work I pose the question “Can the effect color has on your state of mind, be used t better it?” and warmly invite the audience to experience the effect of color for themselves.

Glass, Wood, Led/Tin, Loam, Fabric. 2022. Rotterdam.